Brevi® Success Story:
MedX Precision Fitness

Owner’s Goal: This private gym wanted to reach new clients to try its high-intensity personal training and increase overall membership sales.

Owner’s Offer: MedX offered a free fitness consultation to attract new clients.

Brevi’s Solution: Brevi ran geotargeted mobile Facebook ads aimed at men and women who lived and worked in the area, aged 35-55 (identified sweet spot), who had interest in fitness. Income markers and purchase behavior targeting were also used.

The Result: A Small Spend Generates Sizable Impact

  • 6 new client leads from one ad
  • 3 new paid membership packages
  • $937 of revenue already booked in first 4 weeks, with a total of $6549 in estimated lifetime revenue from new clients (based on Pike13 data)
  • 569% return on $140 ad spend (first 4 weeks)

“Brevi generated new customer leads from Facebook that were a perfect match for our gym. Thanks for doing such a great job at understanding our business. Very impressed with Brevi!”