Brevi® Success Story:
Baby Boot Camp

Owner’s Goal: This local fitness franchise business wanted to cost effectively find new clients for its classes and increase overall sales.

Owner’s Offer: Baby Boot Camp offered a first class free to attract new clients.

Brevi’s Solution: Brevi ran geotargeted mobile Facebook ads aimed at moms, aged 30-40 (identified sweet spot), who had interest in fitness.

The Result: A Small Spend Generates Large Impact

  • 10 new client leads from one ad
  • 4 new paid membership packages
  • $352 of revenue already booked in first 6 weeks, with a total of $705 in estimated lifetime revenue from new clients (based on Pike13 data)
  • 441% return on $65 ad spend (first 6 weeks)

“Brevi generated new customer leads from Facebook that far exceeded any of our other previous marketing efforts. And, we had tried Facebook ads once before on our own and saw no results.”