Smart Ads for Facebook

Designed for Small Businesses

Grow your business with Facebook advertising

Increase repeat business.
Drive sales from new customers.
Generate brand awareness.

Facebook is one of the most effective places to advertise right now. Household names like Toyota and Wendy's advertise heavily on Facebook.

Why should you? Because Facebook has over one BILLION users, including nearly all of your customers. Let us help you reach them!

Start small

Get results even with a small budget

Reach thousands of people that meet incredibly specific targeting criteria.

Only Pay for Your Target Customers

Efficiently use your marketing dollars

Advertise your business to the right audience. The targeting options for Facebook advertising are unmatched: target by demographic, interests and location.

Women’s clothing store? Target women within 10 miles aged 25-50 interested in “shopping and fashion”

Don’t lose access to your customers

Stay in front of your fans

The rules have changed. Facebook now severely curtails the display of posts for free.

Mobile ads are hot

Reach people where they are engaged

Your ads will run mostly on mobile phones. We help you reach on-the-go prospects who live or work nearby.

Let us help you start advertising on Facebook.

Brevi makes Facebook Ads work well for smaller businesses. You tell us what you want in your Facebook ad. We take it from there and get the ad running. Even more importantly, we proactively manage your ad campaign once it is launched so you meet your marketing goals.

Friendly Interface

  • Guided prompts get you started quickly. We help you determine who to target and what to say.
  • Predefined templates save you from starting from scratch and make you look good.
  • Be confident of your marketing spend by quickly viewing your ad status at any time.

Expert Management

  • Once you've told us what to do, we handle the rest, so you don't need to worry.
  • We are your automated watchdog, bidding and spending your budget wisely. We save you money by stopping ads that are no longer performing.
  • Reports are emailed to you automatically at key milestones. You can always know how well you are doing.

Right for Your Business

  • Ad creation and management are tailored to your industry and business type.
  • No one-size-fits-all. We know what makes an online e-commerce store different from a neighborhood garden shop.

  We are a Facebook Ads API Partner